Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I enter crew names?

Use the Register Now registration page to add all crew details. Select Create a Team and add team members.

When will registrations open?

Registrations for the 2022 Vogalonga Down Unda are NOW OPEN via this website.

How much are the registration fees?

The registration fees for the 2022 Vogalonga Down Unda on 24 April 2022 are;-

– $30 for adults 18 and over

– $20 for participants aged Under 18

The companions of Companion Card holders accompanying a registered person with a disability are FREE. Please contact the Event Organizer on 0415448657 in advance to advise that you will be bringing a companion. All event regulations will also apply to your companion including the wearing a life jacket unless exempt.

Any non-rowing or non-paddling passengers aboard any craft will be required to pay the relevant registration fee according to their age unless they are a dog.

What information is required for participant registration?

• For all participants and passengers (if any) – First name, last name, address, postcode, suburb, country, state, Date of Birth to determine age group for applicable registration fee, contact telephone number, email address, acknowledgement of suitable fitness to participate safely, contact in case of emergency.
• For each boat: Team/Crew name (if applicable), type of boat, preferred course, level of ability and experience in the craft to be used for the event.
Each craft whether for an individual, family or team/crew may be assigned a boat number.

I didn’t receive an email for the confirmation of my registration. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder before contacting us. If you still haven’t received a confirmation email after 3 days, write to or contact the Event Organizer on 0415448657.

Where and when can I collect my pre-ordered event T-shirt?

If you purchase an event T-shirt as part of the registration process, you can collect them when you check-in on the day of the event at the Goolwa Aquatic Club, 92 Barrage Road, Goolwa. Check-In will be open from 7am on the day of the event. Please remember to bring the copy of your confirmed registration/E-ticket and invoice as proof of purchase.

Is there any storage area for small craft?

Small boats can be left overnight in the car park next to the GAC. Overnight surveillance is not guaranteed. Participants leave their trailers and vehicles unattended at their own risk.

Where can we launch our boats/craft?

Refer to this aerial view of the Goolwa Aquatic Club precinct which indicates the recommended locations to launch your craft. Please note that certain areas are intended for use by those launching larger craft such as dragon boats or surf boats whereas those launching smaller craft (kayaks, canoes, SUPs etc.) are requested to use other areas. Parking of vehicles and trailers may be at a different location to drop off/launching areas. Given the likely large number of participants and craft involved, please launch and park in the designated areas according to your craft type.

Click here for a map of other nearby boat slips for launching craft.

What about big boat mooring?

We suggest that you contact local rowing or sailing clubs for larger boat mooring options, however, boats under sail will not be allowed to participate in the event itself.

Other Info

Is it possible to rent a boat or kayak?

For boat rental we suggest you contact local rowing or dragon boat associations in South Australia through Rowing SA or Dragon Boat SA.

If you would like to hire a kayak locally, you can contact Brenton at Canoe the Coorong or email

Where can we park cars and trailers?

There is ample parking for cars and trailers including the main car park next to the GAC or along Barrage Road. Please refer to this detailed map and this GAC Precinct overview map to find the recommended parking area depending on the type of craft you will be using. Please observe street signs for any on-street parking limits and respect local residents right of ease of access to their properties.

Is it possible to change the crew members along the way during the event itself?

Yes but only properly registered participants can substitute for other registered crew members. Any event materials (T-shirts, food vouchers, sponsor material etc.) will only be issued according to the original number of registered participant fees paid for the relevant boat or craft.

Is it possible to leave or withdraw from the event in advance?

You can withdraw from the event at any time. However, food vouchers and sponsor packs will only be provided to participants who check-in at the end of the event to confirm their safe return.

Is there a Dress Code?

There are no rules about clothing for this event, however, all participants must adhere to the South Australian recreational boating regulations which requires the correct life jacket to be worn unless a specific exemption applies.

If relevant, you may wear promotional T-shirts or other apparel relating to any entities sponsoring your boat or team/crew. Crews are encouraged to create a team ‘look’ and/or to decorate their boat/craft as they see fit without causing any litter or damage to the local environment or creating a hazard to local bird and aquatic life. Consider the environment in which you will be rowing but by all means have fun. Subject to the amount of sponsorship received, there may be prizes for the best presented boat and/or crew.

Will there be other craft on the water not participating in the event?

Assuming fair weather on the day, the initial leg of the Vogalonga Down Unda 2022 will have a closed waters permit to allow for a Ceremonial Procession from the GAC to the Wharf precinct along the port side of the Goolwa Channel. In the area covered by the closed waters permit, only participating craft will be permitted. For the rest of the course, however, there may be other vessels on the water during the event including sailed or motorized vessels.

All motorized vessels must abide by relevant speed limits & rules relating to shared marine areas.

Designated safety craft will be on the water during the event to prevent any motorized boats from interfering with participating event craft.

Members of the public who are not participating in the event may also wish to access a public boat slip or ramp to launch their boats. Your patience and cooperation would be appreciated in these circumstances. Allow sufficient time to launch your craft to ensure that you are able to muster at the event starting point (the GAC) in good time for the collective start of the event.

Except in the area covered by the closed waters permit, all on-water craft (whether participating in the event or not) will be required to keep to the right in any case unless crossing the river directly from the port side of the Channel to Hindmarsh Island. Assistance will be offered by event support boats to all participating craft along the prescribed course of the event.

What if the weather is bad?

In the event of adverse weather conditions (e.g. rain or strong winds) the event will proceed regardless as happens in Venice itself occasionally, so bring appropriate wet weather gear if necessary. An Officer of the Day appointed by the Event Organizers in consultation with the local SA Marine Safety Officer may delay the start of the event if necessary. The Officer of the Day may also determine that in order to proceed, participants will be required do an alternative course (e.g. heading south west from the GAC to the barrage). For smaller craft, this alternative course could include rowing or paddling in the protected quays and canals on Hindmarsh Island.

Will there be on-course signage?

Where necessary marker buoys and possibly an event support boat will indicate optional turn back points and where any permanent obstacles along the course may exist.

Health & First Aid

Is a medical certificate required?

The Vogalonga Down Unda is NOT a competitive race nor is it an athletic event as such but it does require a reasonable level of fitness, especially if undertaking the Main or Extended Course. A medical certificate is not required, however, all registered participants accept personal responsibility for their fitness to participate safely in the event and must sign a Waiver (including acknowledging electronically during registration) to that effect. If in doubt as to your level of fitness to participate, contact your general practitioner.

Will First Aid be available?

Yes. St John Ambulance members will operate a post at the GAC for anyone requiring first aid assistance. Any participant requiring first aid while participating on-water in the event will be transported to the St John First Aid post as quickly as possible by on-course support vessels and safety crews including Victor Harbor Sea Rescue Squadron.


What kind of accommodation is available?

The local organizing committee for the Vogalonga Down Unda does not handle accommodation for participants, visitors or spectators. One of our sponsors, Harcourts South Coast, has a range of accommodation options available for people attending our event. You could also try the Goolwa Visitor Information Centre.