How to Register

Online registration for the event is managed by Register Now.

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You will need to have your human-powered vessel/craft on the water at the Goolwa Aquatic Club prior to the official start of the event. Give yourself plenty of time to get into position. There are two small beaches near the Club where you can temporarily tie up your vessel once it is on the water. We expect some delays prior to the start due to the anticipated number of participants. So, if you require vehicle access to the boat ramps (2), please ensure you have sufficient time to launch and later retrieve your vessel.

Safety Equipment

You and your vessel/craft must comply with all of SA recreational boating requirements. In particular, correct specification and fitting life jackets are compulsory for all participants as required by laws of South Australia and must be worn unless an exemption applies to your craft. We recommend obtaining a copy of the SA Recreational Boating Handbook for reference. There is a download link available on the Homepage.

Rules of the Road

You will be participating in open public waters. Therefore, you must be familiar with the normal rules of boating including keeping to right of any channel or passage. Failure to comply with these rules is not only dangerous to yourself and other water users, but can lead to significant fines.  We expect both Water Police and SA Marine Safety representation at the event.

We recommend obtaining a copy of the SA Recreational Boating Handbook for reference. There is a download link available on the Homepage.

Compulsory Liability Waiver

To comply with insurance requirements all participants are required to complete, sign & date the Waiver or click the relevant button during the registration process to confirm that they have read and accepted the Waiver.

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Online Registration

Registration for this event is online through the Vogalonga Down Unda event at  Register Now.
Registrations will close at 11:59pm on 25th April 2020 with the official start of the event at 9am unless delayed temporarily by prevailing weather conditions. Last minute registrations will be possible but given the likelihood of mild pandemonium prior to the start of the event, it would be greatly appreciated if you could register online well prior to the event.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to close registrations once a set limit of craft and participants has been reached.
Registration via internet will only be considered valid if proof of payment of the registration fee is included and presented during check-in on the day of the event. Registration by email, post or fax will not be accepted.

Both check-in and any last minute registrations will be at the Goolwa Aquatic Club office from 8am on the day of the event.
Address: 92 Barrage Rd, Goolwa South SA 5214
Phone: 0412 349 404 or 0418 858 500

Pricing & Payment

Registration Fees;-

$25 per person aged 18+

$20 per person aged 15 – 17 years

$10 each child under 15 years

A gourmet BBQ burger lunch is included in the cost of registration. Vegan option available.

The relevant registration fees also apply to non-rowing passengers.
Payment may only be made via the website.

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Email Confirmation

After registering you should receive a confirmation email from Register Now. If you do not receive a confirmation of your registration, please call the Register Now Help Desk on 1800 734 669.


Online Registration

Online registration & payment is processed through Register Now,
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