Short Course


Short Course

Between 5km and 8km

When paddling through the waters of the Coorong Quays marina, you are protected from the wind and always extremely close to the shore. Boating is restricted to just 4 knots (walking pace) so it is an extremely safe & secure location for human-powered craft, especially for families with younger children. 

As this course is a circuit, you can simply choose your ‘half-way’ point to turn and return to the GAC. Turning at the Providence bridge is a 5km course, continuing into the lagoons and turning at the Britannia bridge is a 7km course, with another 1km if you optionally choose to also pass under the Blanche bridge.

As you are crossing the main boating channel, this course requires you to know port & starboard channel markers. For your own safety you should know the ‘Rules of the Road’ on the water, in particular keeping to the starboard (right hand) side of waterways and ensuring you leave space for on-coming vessels to pass on your port (left hand) side.

Participants who do not wish to cross the main Goolwa channel can launch their vessel at the Coorong Quays marina boat-ramp, thus the entire course is within the protected waters of the Coorong Quays. From the boat ramp to the Providence bridge is approximately 1.2km. As this is not part of the official course, participants who choose this option do need to make their own travel arrangements to and from the GAC.

Directions - click plus ⊕ for more detail

Leg 1. (1.2km)

Starting from the GAC, head straight across the Goolwa Channel to the Aggies Creek entrance to the Coorong Quays marina.

Important: As you approach the marina entrance you will be crossing the main navigational channel.  Please be aware of any powered vessels using this channel.

Armfield Wooden Boats Goolwa has kindly offered use of one of their boats used in the recent Stormboy movie to escort all craft undertaking the Short Course as they cross the Channel.

Leg 2. (1.3km)

The marina waterways can be a little confusing, however, once you enter the Coorong Quays simply keep to the starboard shoreline (your right) and you will soon find yourself heading towards the Providence Bridge.

Leg 3. (1km)

As you pass under the Providence Bridge, still keep to starboard for just a little further. Then cross the channel and head into Strangways lagoon towards the Britannia Bridge.

Leg 4. (1km)

The Britannia Bridge is the halfway point. Now it’s time to head back to the GAC. Once you have passed under the bridge turn to port (your left) into Hutchison lagoon, weaving through the islands as you head back to the Providence Bridge.

Optional. (2 km)

For those after a slightly longer paddle, after heading under the Britannia Bridge simply keep to the starboard shoreline and head under the Blanche Bridge as well. Then head back through Pullen lagoon towards the Providence Bridge.

Leg 5. (1.3km)

Heading back under the Providence Bridge, it’s now simply a case of retracing your path back through the marina. Just remember to turn to port at the T-junction or else it just might take you a little longer!

Leg 6. (1.2km)

Exit the marina and head back across the channel to the GAC.

Important: Please be careful when exiting the marina keeping to the starboard (right-hand) side.  You are now crossing the main navigational channel and due to the height of the breakwater neither you nor boats in the channel will have line-of-sight visibility until you have actually exited the marina.

Once you exit the Marina simply head straight back across to the GAC and the finish!



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